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Litter Removal Service

Bandalong not only offers the manufacture and installation of litter traps and booms but also an on going maintenance cleaning service. Bandalong will establish a cleaning routine at set intervals to suit the clients requirements and individual history of the litter trap installations.

Litter traps will be inspected and cleaned according to a strict schedule and the material disposed of at an appropriate waste site.

If desired, an audit of the captured litter will be provided to the client including photographs before and after carrying out the cleaning and audit service.

Manual cleanout is also an option when access to the basket via crane is difficult. 

The Bandalong Litter Trap floats on waterways, given buoyancy by exceptionally strong and durable polyethylene pipes. The unit is held in place by galvanised chains attached to ground anchors or fitted to rider poles for canal installations.

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