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Bandalong Litter Trap

The Bandalong Litter Trap is a floating device installed at strategic locations along waterways to collect and retain floating litter, vegetation and other debris. The system operates silently without any mechanical assistance, capturing and retaining debris ready for removal and disposal. Bandalong Litter Traps are suitable for most waterways wider than 2 metres, including waterways subject to tidal action, rivers, streams, channels and open bodies of water.


  • Debris is directed via collection booms through a patented one way flap or gate to capture floating litter and debris.
  • Cost effective and requires little maintenance
  • Operates silently 24 hours a day without mechanical assistance.
  • Does not impede water flow or cause upstream flooding.
  • Security fittings used to reduce vandalism.
  • Debris cannot be dislodged once trapped.
  • Quality, durable and corrosion resistant materials used.

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Bandalong Boom System

The Bandalong Boom System is installed across waterways, acting as a barrier to collect or deflect debris. The floating boom sections are coupled together and span across weirs, waterways or dams to capture litter and prevent it from escaping further downstream.


  • Boom sections are manufactured from strong and durable polyethylene pipe.
  • Sections can be coupled together to span across varying widths of waterways.
  • Aluminium skirt sections can be fitted to prevent litter escaping under boom system.
  • Couplings have security screws to help reduce vandalism.
  • Rubber sleeves are used over our unique flexible universal joint to allow for movement between booms.

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The Bandalong Litter Trap floats on waterways, given buoyancy by exceptionally strong and durable polyethylene pipes. The unit is held in place by galvanised chains attached to ground anchors or fitted to rider poles for canal installations.

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