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Litter free Cooks River NSW now closer than ever

Bandalong Litter Trap & Boom System installed on the Cooks River for City of Canterbury and Sydney Water.
Following many site meetings and years of planning the Bandalong Litter Trap was installed during August 2014 on the Cooks River at Hurlstone Park.

Nell Graham, Team Leader Environmental Strategy at City of Canterbury is appreciative to have this project completed and operational.

Nell advised that Sydney Water contractors are emptying the litter trap every week and they remove about 3 cubic metres every service. So generally the litter trap is always full.

City of Canterbury advise that the public are very appreciative and comment that the river downstream of the litter trap is now looking great.

Irrigation Debris Boom Barrier

Brent from Cubbie Station in St George Queensland contacted us several months ago.

They had a ongoing problem with crop debris clogging up their irrigation channels and pumps.

We quoted and supplied them with two Bandalong Boom Systems.

Brent is now extremely happy not having to continually shut down and clean out the pumps during irrigation.

Due to the success of the Bandalong Boom System Cubbie are now considering installing our System in several other irrigation channels.

Tackling Water Pollution in Nigeria

Bandalong International and its Nigerian client Phoenix Investments have installed two litter traps for The Ministry of the Environment in Lagos, Nigeria.

Our installer made the 24 hour trip from Melbourne to Nigeria in November 2012 to provide training for the local contractors on assembly and installation.

The first litter trap was installed on the Ogun River which flows through the Ajegunle Village and the second on a smaller canal in Alaka Road Lagos.

As the photos show it wasn't long before the traps were collecting litter & debris.

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Sanctuary Lakes Bandalong Boom System

The Sanctuary Lakes developer was required to install a barrier preventing weed and debris escaping from the lake into the surrounding wetlands and approached Bandalong for assistance.

We designed a 75 metre long boom system to suit the developer's specifications including a flexible skirt and powder coated aluminium components to blend in with the booms.

Results are that our boom system has dramatically reduced the weed escaping through into the wetlands and also minimised the labour time involved in the collection of the weed from the lake.

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Cleaner Waters for the United States

This Bandalong Litter Trap was installed in Washington DC by our USA licensed partners Storm Water Systems in April 2009 and is the first Litter Trap to be installed in the USA. As clearly visible in these recent photos the litter trap again show how effective they are at capturing litter in our waterways. This is only one of many thousands planned to be installed throughout the USA. Well done to the team at Storm Water Systems USA.

Those attending the unveiling of the first Litter Trap in North America included Washington DC Mayor Adrian M Fenty, Storm Water Systems USA, Bandalong International Australia, District Department of the Environment, Anacostia Riverkeeper, Earth Conservation Corps and hundreds of other special guests. This event was held on 12 May 09.

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Another step toward saving our Great Barrier Reef

Litter trap number two for Cairns Regional Council, installed in June 2009 at Moody Creek by James from Bandalong, crane operator Richard and DTE excavations.

This site has a tidal difference of around 1.5 metres and an approximate width of 25 metres. The litter shown in these pictures was collected even before we had completed the installation.

Shows that the Bandalong litter traps start working from the minute they hit the water.

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The Bandalong Litter Trap floats on waterways, given buoyancy by exceptionally strong and durable polyethylene pipes. The unit is held in place by galvanised chains attached to ground anchors or fitted to rider poles for canal installations.

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