The Solution to Water Pollution

Our waterways, rivers, creeks and lakes are an important environmental resource and keeping them clean and healthy is essential, especially when they lead to our bays and oceans. Thats where Bandalong and our range of Litter Traps and Boom Systems provide the ideal solution for controlling and removing litter from our waterways.

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Bandalong Litter Trap In Action

Registered design and trademark

Our floating Litter Traps and Boom Systems have been designed to collect maximum floating litter, vegetation and other debris. Bandalong uses a unique gate system and corrosive resistant materials. Our traps work round the clock silently collecting litter and debris with complete regard for the environment. We continue to further develop our original design and ensure that every new installation is site specific. This provides the best results for our client. Cleaner water.

Outstanding Results

The Bandalong Litter Trap catches all floating litter and debris and holds it safely in a collection basket for removal. This happens regardless of tide changes or water levels and without impeding natural water flow or endangering fish and wildlife.

The Bandalong Litter Trap floats on waterways, given buoyancy by exceptionally strong and durable polyethylene pipes. The unit is held in place by galvanised chains attached to ground anchors or fitted to rider poles for canal installations.

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